12 Tricks Instagram Secrets

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Instagram is one of the most popular applications in Indonesia today. Starting from ordinary people to many celebrities who have an Instagram account.

Everyone has their own purpose in using their Instagram account. Some use it to make a brand, sell, business, have fun and so on.

But you know, there are some cool Instagram Secret Tricks and maybe not many people know? What are these, let's look at the following reviews:

1. Look at photos or videos without fear of pecking likes.

This is very useful for you who like to keep track of Instagram or monitor accounts. So that you don't get caught already stalking him because of the love crush on the picture.

How, after all images have been downloaded or open all, please turn off your cellular data. That way you can safely stalk your ex or account with no fear of being caught

2. Get direct notifications if the account you are stalking uploads photos or videos.

One more secret trick so you don't miss the latest updates about the ex or gebetean. Certainly it will be tiring if you have to open an account and continue to check on him.

The trick, you just open the account's profile, click the three points on the right side of the profile, then click Turn On Post Notifications. Later, every time the account uploads photos, you can get the notification directly. But this only applies if you have already followed the account.

3. Look at photos or videos that have been like before.

If you want to look back at the photos or videos that you like and you forget who you saw in your account then there is one way to see or find them again.

The trick, enter your Instagram profile, then click Option and select Post You've Liked.

4. Choose which photo filter you want to use or not.

One of the familiar or frequently used Instagram features is the filter feature. With these features you can make your uploaded photos more interesting.

But not all filters are according to our wishes. Well here you can set which filters you want to use or not.

The trick, when uploading photos, slide the filter to the last choice, then select Manage. There you can choose what filters you want to discard and use.

5. Hide photos tagged by other friends.

Friends are the ones who keep our most disgrace, hahaha. Sometimes friends like to idly intentionally post our photos that are more ugly then mark us. You can hide the photo so that your disgrace is not exposed and become a mockery of other friends.

The trick, enter into your own account, click the photo space where your friends tag (Photos of You). Select three points on the top right, then select Hide Photos or Hide From Profile. Finished, bad photos can disappear.

6. See what you like and comment on by friends on Instagram.

Sometimes, we like to know what activities our own friends have on their Instagram. Well, you can know what they are doing by selecting the "Heart" icon, then clicking the Following or "Followed" option.

7. Erase whatever track record we have been looking for on Instagram.

This is also the most important trick you should know about Instagram. For those of you who have a lawyer and like to stalk a girl or a former account, with this trick you can be a little relieved if one day your boyfriend raids your Instagram account.

The account we are stalking is usually still stored in search history. For that reason, so you don't get caught you have to delete it.

How, on the Instagram profile, click Option, then click Clear Search History.

8. Editing photos without having to upload to Instagram.

You can also edit with Instagram filters. How, you edit the photo as usual. Once it's done, turn on Airplane Mode or turn off cellular data, then upload. Even though the upload will fail, the photo will automatically be saved in the Gallery. The most important point, you must activate the settings first. Enter profile, then activate the Save Original Photos option.

9. Look for photos where you are at that time.

Another thing you can get on Instagram is that you can find photos of other people when you are at the moment. This makes it easy for you to find good photo spots on vacation. The trick, click the magnifying glass icon, then click the Search column, select Places and type the name of the place. There, various photos will appear.

10. Hide ads that you don't want to see.

Advertising accounts often appear and sometimes, this also interferes. But these advertisements can be removed by clicking the down arrow near the Sponsored article, then clicking Hide This.

11. Send photos directly to friends Instagram without having to upload them.

You can send photos to your friends via private messages. The trick, like uploading photos as usual but clicking Direct when you want to upload them and select the name of the friend you want to send the picture to.

12. Have Two or More Instagram Accounts in One Application.
Sometimes each of us has different interests. One of them, if you have an Instagram account that is used for selling or business, you can also use it together on the same mobile phone with your personal account.

Just click Options, then Add Account

That's 12 Instagram Secret Tricks that are really cool, hopefully useful.

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