Advantages and Disadvantages UC Browser

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UC Broser is an application or software to access the most popular ones at the moment. which was launched in 2004. UC Browser can be used on all mobile phone operating systems. In June 2011, UCWeb released the U3 kernel, a company-owned product (similar to a car engine). Browsers that have U3 can provide users with a fast, convenient and safe web surfing experience.

As in general, an application does not escape the disadvantages, what are the advantages and disadvantages of UC Browser? Let we see this resume :

Advantages of the browser

1. Compress or crop data while browsing.
UC Browsert holds the data we take when browsing up to 90%. With this capability we can save our internet quota when surfing.

But because the data accessed is stepped up to 90%, sometimes we will get a slightly blurry image.

This is not an obstacle for you if you just want to find information and the image is not too important.

2. Elegant and clear navigation buttons.
One that we want when using an internet access application or often known as a browser is the ease of use or navigation.

UC Browser has 5 navigation buttons located below and has functions that are quite complete.

3. Smart download.
Downloading files is one of the things most people do when accessing the internet. UC Browser has the ability to be able to download several files at once together.

You can also do STOP, PAUSE and START during the download process.

4. Privacy security.
Privacy security is one of the important factors in bringing the convenience of its users to technology companies.

UC Browser guarantees the privacy of its users, even you can roam without a trace

6. Ads on.
We often encounter Ads On or use it if we use other browser software like Mozilla and Google Chrome. Because with Ads On, we can make our browsers do better jobs like using IP addresses of other countries and so on.

Uc browser already provides many ads on that can meet your browsing needs. And what many users like is adblok which can block stubborn ads.

7. Clipboard board.
For those who are not familiar with the term Clipboard, the clipboard is a place where you can store large amounts of text.

8. Night mode (night mode).
Eye health is certainly worth our attention when surfing. With the Night Mode feature or night mode you can keep the light from being too bright

9. Video control.
The superior feature of the browser that is no less interesting is to take full control of the video that we play, even for those of you who have a cellphone with the air gesture feature you can use to control videos when playing videos via a browser.

10. News of choice.
In the UC browser application there are already interesting news for you to see, for those of you who like to watch the ball, you have also provided updated football news, starting from the results of live in the news to the news of soccer players and others.

Disadvantages of browser

1. Download often fail
One of the advantages of UC browser is the download feature which is faster than other browser applications, but it is not uncommon for many UC browser users to complain that the downloaded file often fails, this is also what I often feel when downloading video ..

2. Newscontaining vulgar / sexy photos
one of the UC browser application branches is the UC news that contains news and also installed on UC Web browsers often featuring Vulgar or sexy thumbnail photos, this is actually from the UC news writers who are looking for big profits because there are more viewers in the uc news article the more dollars will be collected.

3. Google search is often an error
I often experience this myself, when searching for results that are displayed by blank browsers, alias does not appear anything.

If you use the UC browser I recommend that you do not use VPN because this can cause an error in the browser.

4. Many ads
UC Browser does have features that block ads, but these browsers often display advertisements from their side and of course this is very annoying.

5. Many sites block UC browsers
This is also what I have done before and maybe I will continue to do it. Why?? Because this browser blocks ads on our website or blog.

As we know that advertising is one source of income that is owned by a web or blog.

With this blocking, it will certainly affect your search results by using this browser.

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