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Definition of Sharia Insurance
At present there are many types of insurance offers where companies have a variety of features with excellence in each of the products they offer. We as potential users must be able to see and know well how insurance we will choose to help and provide benefits for the use.

Sharia insurance (National Sharia Council) is sharia-based insurance with mutual assistance to protect each other through an investment in the form of assets to be returned determined by a contract that is in accordance with sharia. In sharia insurance there is a system in which participants contribute a portion later it will be used if there are pesreta who experience disaster. In other words Islamic insurance is only a place to manage funds received from investments.

Islamic insurance consists of 2 types:

1. Family Takaful (life insurance) is insurance that provides protection when facing death and accident for tafakul insurance participants.
Family family insurance products include:

• Takaful plans
• Takaful financing
• Takaful education
• Takaful Hajj funds
• Takaful student accident
• Takaful personal accident
• Takaful futures
• Takaful khairat family

2. General Takaful (Insurance Loss)
Namely a form of Islamic insurance that provides financial protection in the face of disasters or accidents on property belonging to takaful participants
General takaful insurance products

• Takaful motorized vehicles
• Takaful transportation
• Takaful fire
• Combined Takaful
• Takaful the risk of installation
• Takaful money storage
• Takaful is various
• Takaful engineering
• Takaful risk of development


The advantages of Islamic insurance
Islamic insurance is a financial system using Islamic law. Islamic insurance has several advantages including:

1. There is no charred funds
Customers can withdraw funds when in a state of sudden urgency, Islamic insurance can withdraw the funds even though they are not yet due.

2. Investment returns
In sharia insurance customers already have more diverse investment returns because it can provide an optimal return on investment besides the investment returns will be higher than saving with deposits.

3. Late Pay
If customers experience paying patience, Islamic insurance will not cut funds and protection of customer funds will not change.

4. High Ratio Distribution
Distribution of 70% ratio for customers and 30% for insurance

5. Free Basic Contributors
Basic contributors will be released if there is total disability caused by illness or accident. National clients can enjoy insurance even in situations of total disability.

6. Claim Claim Double
Another advantage is that you can get a double claim. As a customer, you can protect your hospital hospitalization for all families.

Deadvantages of Sharia Insurance
• Islamic insurance is not all insured
• There are still many people who prefer conventional insurance
• Islamic insurance cannot invest the funds collected into all forms of investment

Download Settingan Blanko Undangan ERBA Lengkap Format Cdr
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