Understanding Insurance Claims

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At this time discussion on the definition of insurance claims, with a better understanding of the definition of insurance claims makes us as the user can better know our rights and obligations.

Basically the human nature of the dreaded thing when the accident and the loss of one of the properties are owned. and in this discussion other than the definition of insurance claim we will also discuss ways to claim insurance in general, as well as the obstacles often encountered when we make insurance claims.

Understanding insurance claims
Insurance claim is a request from a customer to an insurance company so that it can get the payment when the customer loses.

The insurance company will then review the claim request from the customer before the loss to the customer. The insurance claim is fundamentally different depending on the type of insurance being followed.

According to budi (2012) "insurance claim is a claim from the insured party in connection with the existence of an insurance contract between the insured party and the parties insured to indemnify the insurer if the insurance premium payment has been made by the insured, in the event of a disaster suffered by the insured."

How to Claim Insurance At Its Common

Understanding Insurance Claims

Still a lack of community knowledge on a brief insurance claim to only understand the insured property should be protected without thinking of anything to be done when it comes to an accident. With that insurance company should be told clear explanatory procedures to the insurance client.

The way and claim for insurance is generally 6 stages:
1. Notice of occurrence of misfortune or loss or insurance claim
2. Investigate the occurrence of an insurance claim loss
3. Submission of claim supporting documents
4. Discussion of consultation negotiation of insurance claims
5. Approval of insurance claim reimbursement value
6. Payment

Download Settingan Blanko Undangan ERBA Lengkap Format Cdr
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