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Guarantees loss and damage due to Fire, Blasting, Lightning, Fall of Airplanes and Smoke.

Product excellence

Fire insurance
Sum insured
Automatic sum insured increases 5% every year.
The maximum coverage price is Rp. 15 billion.
Fire insurance

Coverage Object
Residential buildings and furniture.
Fire insurance

Premium Rate: 0.328%.
Policy Fee & Stamp Duty: IDR 31,000.

Guaranteed risk
Fire Risk (Fire).
Lightning strike (Lightning).
Explosion due to Steam Pressure, Gas, Chemical (Explosion).
Fall of Airplanes or objects dropped from Aircraft.

Risk is not guaranteed
Fire or explosion from fire.
Theft and / or loss.
Forest fires, bushes, reeds and peat.
Intentional insured.
Risks due to nuclear reactions.

Additional Guarantee
New compensation for buildings.
Third party legal responsibility.
Fire fighting costs.
Death benefit from fire.
Losses due to being hit by a vehicle.
Losses due to Terrorism & Sabotage (T & S).
Losses due to riots, strikes, looting, riots.
Compensation for losses due to theft.

This insurance product has been registered with the Financial Services Authority (OJK).
Other provisions that have not been listed, refer to the Indonesian Fire Insurance Standard Policy (PSAKI).
If there are questions about procedures and complaints, please contact the Tripatarka Office.

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