Here are 5 reasons the Ministry has implemented non-cash transactions

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The implementation of a non-cash transaction system in the ministry environment is a necessity of the modern era which is also a part of improving governance and not just joining in.

"So, non-cash transactions are not just a trend, and also not just follow-up, but a necessity," said Deputy Finance Minister Mardiasmo at the launching of non-cash payment transactions in the Ministry of Religion on Tuesday (10/31/2017).

According to the Ministry of Religion's official website, Mardiasmo at the event held by the Ministry of Religion explained five reasons why non-cash transactions were needed in the modern era.

The five reasons, First, increase transparency. Because non-cash transactions can be monitored at any time and from anywhere using a modern information technology system.

"In the framework of Fair Without Exception (WTP), this will support, because all transactions will be recorded, none of which are unrecorded, all tracked, visible and audited, so transparency will be realized," he said.

The second reason is increasing security. There is no security risk for storing cash and can minimize the occurrence of moral hazard.

Furthermore, the third is increasing financial literacy. In accordance with government policy to realize inclusive finance, and fourth, increase speed, because non-cash transactions can be done anywhere and anytime, not limited to space and time.

While the fifth reason is increasing accountability. Each non-cash transaction will automatically be recorded in the system so that it will produce more accountable information.

He explained that non-cash transactions for Treasury Receipts / Expenditures have been facilitated through PMK 230 / PMK.05 / 2016, both for transactions that cause State Expenditures and State Revenues.

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