The Non-Cash Transaction System in Regional / State Finance Can Prevent Corruption

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Jakarta - The Jakarta Supreme Audit Agency (BPK) said that the implementation of a system of non-cash transactions in the implementation of state finances could prevent corruption or misappropriation of state finances from an early age.

Head of DKI Jakarta BPK Representative Blucer Rajagukguk explained, this non-cash transaction would close the loop hole or circle of corruption which is very difficult to eradicate in the administration of a regional or state government.

"Clearly it will close the loop hole for corruption. Can even prevent early. "We have appointed the DKI Jakarta Provincial Government as the national barometer to be the first to implement this system," Blucer said to, Saturday (7/9).

It is expected that with the implementation of this system it will be clear that the transaction value and administrative completeness are recorded in the online banking system. That way, trust from other parties will arise and the community will trust the implementation of regional finance.

The role of BPK Representatives in DKI in the implementation of non-cash transactions in the DKI Provincial Government, namely by establishing communication to provide proposals and actively encourage so that local governments increase transparency and accountability.

"If the technical implementation depends on the DKI Provincial Government. It's okay for them to discuss it with the BPK in implementing our recommendations. Among other things, solving the findings, what must be done by both parties entering the contract so that there is no default, "Blucer explained.

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