Understanding the Pharmacy

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The pharmacy is a certain place, where pharmacy is carried out for distribution of pharmaceutical supplies to the public. The purpose of pharmaceutical work includes the provision of drugs for drug storage, preparation of drug preparations, compounding, distribution and delivery of pharmaceutical supplies and providing information to the public regarding pharmaceutical supplies consisting of drugs, medicinal ingredients, traditional medicines, medical devices and cosmetics. Not only running pharmacy work but the basic tasks and functions of the pharmacy must also be carried out as well as possible in accordance with established standard procedures.

The usual management in Akmal pharmacies includes:
1. Procurement
The pharmacy uses a system of ordering salesmen who come directly to the pharmacy or by telephone to test the procurement of goods. Problems that are often faced in pharmacies in procurement, namely, delays in the procurement of drugs caused by factory vacancies, in overcoming this problem is done by ordering drugs from far away and not waiting for the drug stock to be empty.

2. Storage
For storage of drug preparations and medical devices in pharmacies arranged alphabetically, dosage form and stability or temperature suitability in drug storage.
1) Drug class
Drug storage is based on drug classes, such as over-the-counter drugs, free of hard drugs and narcotic drugs. Not experiencing significant problems and in accordance with the standards set.

2) Alphabet
Storage of drugs is alphabetical, like a drug that is bought freely until the drug must be accompanied by a doctor's prescription. Not experiencing significant problems and in accordance with the standards set.

3) dosage form
Storage of drugs based on the dosage form, such as free syrup, ASKES syrup, ointment, injection, liquid, etc. Not experiencing significant problems and in accordance with the standards set.

4) Temperature
Drug storage is based on storage temperature so that the drug is not damaged, such as suppositories and insulin stored in the refrigerator, so as not to damage the shape and properties. In this case the author does not check storage based on temperature.

3. Distribution
Distribution of drugs in pharmacies is divided into 2 kinds of ways, including:
1) Recipe
  There are 2 recipes that are served, namely ASKES and non ASKES recipes

2) Non recipes
The drug purchases do not use prescription or drug sales. Problems that are often faced by the distribution of Psychotropic drugs that are freely distributed without using a doctor's prescription or doctor's instructions, the distribution is not in accordance with the applicable provisions.

4. Reporting
Reporting at pharmacies includes:
1) Daily report is a report containing the items sold, the expenditure and entry of the drugs entered. The daily reports carried out are in accordance with the number of drugs that enter and leave each day.

2) Monthly reports usually contain narcotics, psychotropic drugs that enter and leave for one month.
Daily reports that are usually made at the previous pharmacy are recorded in the morning, then the incoming and outgoing drugs are recorded in the stock book then the drug is recorded again in the afternoon.
Narcotics and psychotropic reports are carried out by a pharmacist assistant submitted to the local health office and BPOM, usually narcotics and psychotropic reports are submitted every month before the 10th, and are accompanied by a cover letter from the pharmacist managing the pharmacy (APA).
In writing drugs belonging to Narcotics and Psychotropic drugs must meet the requirements, including:
1. Written by a doctor and given a red line under the medicine.
2. Recipe applies only once / cannot be copied.
3. There is a doctor's address.
4. There is a patient's address.
The medication that has been given to the patient must be recorded in the drug release book, so that it is easier to record the reporting of the end of the month. In the monthly reporting at the pharmacy, there are some things that are not in accordance with the theory obtained from the school, not the same as the practice in the field because there are changes in the provisions regarding the reporting of narcotics and psychotropic drugs issued by the government.

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