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What is DomaiNesia? What are they doing?
DomaiNesia is not a new player, they have been established since 2009.

DomaiNesia even claims to have served more than 45,000 customers from all over Indonesia and abroad.

Given the intense competition of the current web hosting business, I think that is a remarkable achievement.

You might be wondering:

What made DomaiNesia stand out until 2019?

Is it because of the good uptime? Fast load time? Or is the support service good? Or is it possible because the price is cheap?

In order to find out all that, I bought the DomaiNesia "Super Hosting" package, then tested it on a WordPress blog.

And in this DomaiNesia review I will discuss several different aspects of their shared hosting package, so the results of the review can help decide whether DomaiNesia is the best choice for you.

Advantages of Using DomaiNesia
First, the good news: DomaiNesia is probably the cheapest hosting option in Indonesia.

Their support services are quite good, but what about the uptime and page load times? I'm not talking about features, because generally all web hoster almost sell the same features.

Let's find out ...

1. Average Uptime Above Average - 99.96% (# 2 of 20)
By only experiencing a 2 hour 7 minute downturn in the past 7 months, DomaiNesia has become one of two web hosts with the most stable uptime so far.

Remember, when choosing a hosting provider, uptime must be point # 1 that you should pay attention to.

It doesn't matter how fast the web server hosting provider is and how good the quality of the support service is, but if your website is not accessible, no one on the internet can see your website.

Fortunately, DomaiNesia is a hosting provider with reliable uptime.

DomaiNesia (server Singapore) uptime average in 2018:

  • February uptime average: 99.95%
  • March uptime average: 100%
  • April uptime average: 99.99%
  • May uptime average: 99.96%
  • June uptime average: 100%
  • July uptime average: 99.99%
  • August uptime average: 100%

Since the end of August, I decided to move the server test to Indonesia with the reason to match the location of all the web hosting servers that I reviewed, except Hostinger ID which remained in Singapore because they did not have servers in Indonesia.

DomaiNesia (server Indonesia) uptime average in the past 7 months: 99.96%

2. Hosting with a server that is fast enough - 592ms (# 3 of 20)
The speed of the website will not only provide a good experience for your visitors. Speed ​​is also one of the important factors that are taken into account to rank your website in search engines.

Ideally, the speed of your website is no more than 2 seconds.

What about DomaiNesia?

The average DomaiNesia page load time in the last 7 months is 574ms

3. What about the support services? I think 7/10
There are three indicators that determine the good quality of support services: knowledge, friendliness, speed and of course support is available 24/7.

To test how good DomaiNesia support services are, I have tested it through live chat and help tickets.

To be honest, with my experience using many web hosting services in Indonesia, I have not found perfect support, so 6 or 7 is a worthy score in my opinion.

On the one hand there are those who provide fast service, but no knowledge, I mean they do not serve customers as they should, more often just giving "a link" and asking us to read it to find our own solutions.

Actually it is not wrong if support provides a "link to the guide", but this does not reflect good support services. Some of the best overseas hosting companies, such as Siteground and InMotion Hosting, take a "more service" approach.

Is DomaiNesia too? Unfortunately no.

But, one thing that I underlined was that their support was fast, I received a response in less than 2 minutes.

Support through ticket assistance is also fast, less than 5 minutes which is a plus point for DomaiNesia.

4. Cheap Hosting Prices and Flexible Package Choices
DomaiNesia is probably one of the cheap hosting options in Indonesia, still remember?

The reality is that.

With the "Hosting Lite" package for IDR 8,000 / month, you will get sufficient resources with 300MB of storage, unlimited bandwidth and unlimited email.

DomaiNesia offers 4 choices of packages for personal needs and 4 choices of packages for business needs.

5. Has a fairly complete guide and documentation
DomaiNesia is more than 9 years old, no wonder they have gathered a lot of complete documentation and guidance.

I've checked it, there are hundreds of tutorials that you can learn about domain, hosting and DomaiNesia user guides.

6. Free Backup = Cloud Backup
Basically, this feature is included in the standard category, because almost all web hoster in Indonesia also offers it. No charge or free.

But some web hosts in Indonesia only provide weekly backup features, but not at DomaiNesia. You will get privileged backup features on a daily basis.

The good thing is, this daily backup feature can be felt in all hosting packages including even the cheapest hosting packages.

7. Free Hosting Migration
Just like most other best web hosting, DomaiNesia also has a free migration hosting offer for those of you who are planning to move to DomaiNesia.

Disadvantages of Using DomaiNesia
DomaiNesia is a good hosting option.

Of the three main indicators that determine the goodness of a web hosting (average uptime, load time and support services), they have a good score.

But, there are some disadvantages that you need to pay attention to.

1. Refund Guarantee Only 10 days
The standard of warranty in the web hosting industry is 30 days, but DomaiNesia only provides a 10 day refund guarantee if you are not satisfied with their service.

And hosting purchase accounts obtained from promotions with or without a promo code are not covered by the warranty.

Oia, refunds do not include domain fees (only hosting).

2. "Lite" Hosting Packages Have Limits
DomaiNesia's "Hosting Lite" package has limited resources. You are only allowed to host 1 website or 1 domain with a maximum storage of 300MB.

But if you only plan to host a personal blog that doesn't require a lot of resources, it doesn't have a lot of traffic (generally under 400 / day), then this won't be a problem for you.

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